Guide for Authors

Manuscripts should be submitted via an on-line OJS system available at

It is necessary for a corresponding author to be registered in the system in order to submit a manuscript. Registration form is available at Do not forget to thick the Author: Able to submit items to the journal check box at the bottom of the form! A registered user logs in via page. At this stage, a list of a few AGH journals may be presented together with user's roles in each of them. The user should select the Author link under the Automatics/Automatyka heading. On the following page, one has to select CLICK HERE to go to step one of the five-step submission process under the Start a New Submission heading to submit a manuscript. The corresponding author provides all required metadata by filling in consecutive forms and uploads the manuscript file.

Submission requirements

Initial stage (for review)

The corresponding author uploads a blinded manuscript as a single PDF file. The manuscript must represent finished and complete work ready for review. Neither a copyright declaration nor any other supplementary files are required at this stage. To ensure double-blind review, authors' names, affiliations, addresses as well as thanks and acknowledgements must be removed from the PDF document. Metadata associated with the file should also be censored.

The submitting author is encouraged to provide a list of suggested reviewers, recognised experts in a related discipline, preferably from countries and institutions other than those of the authors. Their names, positions, affiliations and contact information may be given in the Comments for the Editor section of an on-line submission electronic form. It is also possible to provide a list of not preferred reviewers as well.

The submitting author should enter names and affiliations of all co-authors of the manuscript.

Resubmission for a second review (if applicable)

In some cases a Resubmit for review decision is announced to the corresponding author. In such a case, a major revision of the manuscript is required in accordance with comments and suggestions provided by reviewers. The authors are required to prepare a revised version of the document in the PDF format. Answers to reviewers' remarks (a separate file for each reviewer) should also be provided. All files should be zipped and uploaded as a single ZIP archive via the on-line OJS system. Please add the file to the existing submission. Do not start a new submission! Neither a copyright declaration nor any other supplementary files are required at this stage.

Final stage (for copy editing)

If the decision is Revisions required, the authors should carefully read all provided reviewers' or editor's remarks and improve the manuscript according to them. If the decision is Accept as is no modifications to the manuscript body is necessary. In both cases, the document should be supplemented with authors' names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, an abstract, and a keywords list. Acknowledgements and About authors sections may be added after Conclusions to provide thanks, sources of funds, and authors' biographical notes as the paper need no longer be blinded.

The corresponding author prepares a single ZIP archive file containing:

Polish speaking authors are requested to provide a paper title, an abstract, and a keywords list both in English and Polish. All these data should be included in a paper body.

The camera-ready PDF document and its LaTeX or MS Word source file(s) should contain (a checklist):

The ZIP file should be uploaded to the OJS system. Please add the file to the existing submission. Do not start a new one!

Once the copy editing process is finished, a galley is send to the corresponding author via e-mail to be carefully checked and approved. This concludes the publishing process as long as the authors are concerned.